Thank You

To our loyal customers and partners,

Since our launch 16 months ago, we’ve been grateful for the support you’ve shown toward our mission of making lunch more fun, simple and affordable. LunchBoxPass has grown so much thanks to your loyalty!

We built a brand that struck a chord with our customers and served thousands of loyal customers such as yourself. We built a truly exceptional platform, allowing us to change the lunch game, help restaurants drive more business and help members save money.

Serving thousands of meals across two major cities is no small operational feat, and our team orchestrated this dance with a grace that is rare in the face of such unrelenting expectations. Above all, when we consider what we’re most proud of, we think of our team—the exceptional group of people, from those in HQ, operations and customer experience—who made LunchBoxPass great, every day.

That all said, and as with most maturing businesses, the LunchBoxPass of today still has many challenges to overcome. Over the past several months we’ve been spending most of our time thinking about the future of our business—what comes next for LunchBoxPass? The more time we spent trying to answer this question, the more evident it became that of all the paths we had contemplated, the most compelling next step in LunchBoxPass’s story involved a shift from our current approach. While an incredibly difficult decision for us given the effect on our core operations, it became clear that we needed to close the LunchBoxPass operation.

We understood that in order to expand our service we will need to look for partners with scale—ones that would allow us to leverage all that we had built across a broader platform with established value chain and existing operation.

Having landed on this strategy, we reconnected with several groups in the foodtech ecosystem that we knew shared our vision and decided to license the platform in order to accelerate growth and reach more people. We wanted to close by thanking all of you one last time for ordering—for telling your friends to become members, for rating us, and for telling us how we were doing so diligently and so often. We showed up every day for all of you and we hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

Sincerely, The LunchBoxPass Team